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About Our Designer

An enthusiastic artist, an eminent woman entrepreneur, Priya Raja is an exemplification of a person with creative insights that take the form of jewellery.

In spite of holding a Master's degree in Biochemistry, Priya Raja's appetence towards her eclectic taste in fashion and art filled her void in life. Working towards her calling, her first home based initiation

in USA took off, with introducing jewellery as an exotic blend of western and eastern cultures. Having her visions set straight, her return back to India, sparked the birth of DAR Jewellery. Hand in hand with DAR's 3 generations of experience in the jewellery industry, Priya Raja took a plunge and launched her Designer 92.5 sterling silver brand 'DAR Jewellery'. Her entrepreneurial spirits, thirst for creativity and love for antiques incited her to introduce fusion as a distinctive concept in jewellery. It opened up to a new world of skilled artisans who tell tales with the hands that make it.